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May 30 – June 5, 2014

posted May 30, 2014, 2:51 PM by Santana Sultans


Congratulations to the Boys’ Volleyball team who clenched the CIF Division III title for the first time in Santana High School history!  Great job to 1st Team All-League players – Tyler Kirk, Daniel Shively, Drake Vesco, Ryan Bratlien and Ryan Kay.  2nd Team All-League – Trent Baugh and Honorable Mention – Sage Hicks and Wyatt Jones, as well as Jacob Robertson and Doug Fontana.  Trent Baugh was awarded the CIF Sportsmanship Award and Drake Vesco was named MVP of the Grossmont Valle League.  Great job guys!!  The CIF trophy is on display in the front office.

ATTENTION 9TH – 11TH GRADERS: Thanks to all of you that brought in your registration packets, however, we’re still missing quite a few.   Don’t hold up your next year’s schedule.  Turn it in today!

ALL STUDENTS: If you have any medicine in the health office, be sure to stop by and pick it up by the last day of school.  All medicine left will be thrown out.

Congratulations to all our seniors who will be attending a 4-year college in the fall.  Don’t forget to submit a request to have a final transcript, showing your Semester II grades, mailed to your college after graduation.  Request forms are located at the end of the attendance counter in the administration office.  Submit your request now, so the transcript can be mailed as soon as grades are posted.  See Mrs. Harrington if you have any questions.

YEARBOOKS: The Yearbooks are on the way and will be distributed Thursday.  Yearbooks are back on sale today, but only online for $95.  We will be distributing book on Thursday, but the finance office will be closed that day, so if you would like to pick up your book on Thursday you must purchase it beforehand or online.  After Thursday the price goes up to $100, so don’t delay, purchase yours today.

A big thank you to all the hoopsters that came out and showed us what they had.  It’s a good thing Coach Falconer isn’t diabetic, because there were some ‘sweet’ moves during the games.  A big congratulations goes out to Anthony Romero, Justin Stamm and Mason Chambers who fought until the end and finished in a strong 2nd Place.  Finishing in 1st Place, Santana’s newly crowned ‘Kings of the Hoops’ are Tyler Kirk, Brandon Glasgo and Mark Jager.  You all played great games!

GOT DRUMS: Okay Sultans, we’re almost there!  Where is there you ask?  Why we almost have the 20 students needed to launch our inaugural Percussion Class.  3 more to go, so come on, get to your counselor, and tell them you want to be a part of the most exciting class to come to Santana in years.  Drums, drums, drums. 

Congratulations to the following tracksters for making it to CIF:  Hannah Higgins, Elizabeth Klein, Janice Deguerio, Taylor Estes, Victoria Hilke, and Gerardo Calvillo.  An extra congratulations to Zack Lewis and Brendan Roderick for making to the CIF finals.  Good luck tomorrow.

SWIM AND DIVE: The swimmers and divers have more to celebrate this season.  Chase Webster, CIF Champion, was selected as the Grossmont Valley League Diver of the Year, Brooke Abrantes was selected as Diver of the Year for girls, and Griffin Rizzo, for the third consecutive year, was selected as Swimmer of the Year for the Grossmont Valley League.  Way to go swimmers and divers – what a great way to end an amazing season.

FINE LIST: Hello Sultan Scholars!  Just a follow-up reminder to come check the fine list in the library to get your account cleared before the end of the year.  Any remaining fines in your account will carry over to next year.  Seniors – at last count, almost 1/3 of you still have fines.  So, here are a couple of incentives to take care of clearing your fines.  First, you will not be able to purchase your prom bid if you have a fine.  Second, you will not be cleared for graduation if you have a fine.  As always, if you have questions, please come see Mrs. Teschler in the library.

RECYCLE: You have probably noticed the large, blue recycling containers around campus.  Please recycle your cans and bottles.  Funds earned will help the Clean Water Club provide water filters to families in Fiji who do not have clean, safe water to drink.  You will be helping our environment, and helping people to be free of sickness and disease.  It’s worth taking the few extra steps to the recycling bin.  And, if you would like to help with our efforts or know more about the Clean Water Club, join us on Fridays at lunch in room S8.

STAND UP TO BULLYING:  A new group is being organized and students participating in this group will learn strategies for standing up to bullying and different ways to make the situation better and to become empowered.  This group is part of an action research study being completed by Ms. Crandall as part of her Master’s program in School Counseling at USD.  Participation in the group is voluntary and students can join the group based on interest.  All students are free to end their participation in the group at any time, with no negative consequences if they no longer wish to participate.  For more information, please see Ms. Crandall in the counseling office.

WORK PERMITS: If you are currently employed you MUST have a valid work permit on file. If you are under 18 years of age and working without a work permit both you and your employer are breaking the law! Please stop by and see Ms. Bingham in the front office to pick up a work permit application.

SPORTS CLUB: Love sports?  Join us every Wednesday at lunch for Sports Club.  Look for the sign in front of the gym entrance for the weekly sport.

PARKING STICKER: If you drive your car to school, you must obtain a parking sticker from Mrs. King.  Pick up a green application in her office, fill it out, have your parent sign it, and bring it back to her and she will give you a parking sticker.  Campus Supervisors will be issuing citations if there is not a sticker on your vehicle.

PEER SUPPORT: Attention students – Are you in conflict with someone on campus?  Do you need to resolve an issue with someone else?  Maybe you just need someone to talk to?  Have you witnessed others around you drinking, smoking, bullying, and cheating on tests?  Peer supporters have been trained to help you through those difficult times and teach you how to step up and stand up for what’s right.  Peer supporters can also help you and your friend in conflict resolve your issues and find peace again.  If you are in need of any help, stop by the guidance office and fill out a peer supporter referral form.  Peer supporters are here to help you everyday.