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November 21, 2014

posted Nov 21, 2014, 7:20 AM by Santana Sultans

BOOK SIGNING: Tonight Mrs. Thompson will be at the Barnes & Noble Trolley Center in Santee signing copies of her latest book, ‘MIRROR X’, from 5-6:00 pm.  She’d love it if you’d come by to see her and give her your support.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Culinary Team who took 2nd Place in the MasterChef competition on Tuesday.  11 high schools competed in Escondido.  The culinary team included Stephen Cliffe, Noah Dotterman, Trystan Patron, Melanie Polonio and Griffin Rodvold.  Way to go!

ENJOY VOLUNTEERING?  Like getting involved with the community?  Come to Key Club on Thursdays in room S2 at lunch. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the following cross country runners for their finish in league finals:  Jennifer Cruz – 10th in league, Jamie Macdonald – 8th in league and League Champion Janice Deguerio.

BOYS BASKETBALL: There will be a meeting today at break in the gym for the varsity boys’ basketball team.

WINTER FORMAL GUEST PASSES: Available in Mrs. King’s office.  All guests over 21 must meet with an assistant principal.

MISSING TEXTBOOKS: Our latest data shows that Santana is currently missing about $50,000 in textbooks, many of which are at your homes, in your bedrooms gathering dust.  This is not acceptable Sultan Scholars!  So here’s the deal…ALL textbooks need to be turned in, replaced, or cleared by the beginning of next semester, that’s January 26th.  Any textbooks that are not cleared will have a daily fine, just like a library book.  Large published textbooks will be charged $1 and the smaller novels used in English classes will be charged .25 cents daily.  If the book is returned after 40 school days, the daily fine will be waived, but a replacement/processing fee will be charged.  This fee will be $5 for the novels, and $20 for the large published textbooks.  These fines will be permanent on your account until they are cleared. 

SKATEBOARD LOCKS: Remove your locks from the skateboard/bike racks each night.  They will be cut off.

ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Peer mediators are here and available for you.  This year’s mediators are Brielle Wilkerson, Tara Kyne and Deanna Aguiar.  They can help you resolve conflicts between you and someone that you are having a disagreement with.  They are also available if you just need another student to talk to.  So, if you need help resolving issues between friends, you can grab a request slip in any classroom or in the guidance office.

PEACE COUNCIL: Join Peace Council and make a difference.  Meetings are Wednesdays at lunch in room 105.

BOOK CLUB: Hello Sultan Readers!  If you enjoy reading and would like to share your love of books with other Sultans, join Santana’s Book Club every Friday at lunch in the library.  Bring your lunch and the love of literature.

ZOMBIE CLUB: If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, come to room S-7 every Wednesday at lunch in Ms. Chandler’s room.  Don’t be left for dead.  We are all infected!

KEY CLUB: Join Key Club to participate in fun community service activities.  We meet Thursdays at lunch in room S2.  Also, members that signed up for our Roadside Pride activity should meet at the Jack in the Box on Magnolia by 67 and Gillespie Field.

CLEAN WATER CLUB: This is a reminder to the Clean Water Club and anyone else who would like to check it out that we meet every Friday at lunch in room S8

DISNEY CLUB: You’ve got a friend in us.  Come join Santana’s very own Disney Club.  Have you always wanted to go to Disneyland, but lacked the time or money?  Disney Club fundraises to go to Disneyland, so come join and plan for the 2015 Disneyland trip.  Fundraising starts soon, so join before it’s too late.  They meet Tuesdays at lunch in Mr. Reilly’s room.

SULTAN READERS!  Remember we meet every Friday in the library at lunch to share and discuss our latest reading adventures.  Remember to get to the library ASAP today as we have our guest speaker, Mr. Johnson, joining us to share our mutual love of literature.